I am very pleased to present the new Dub Siren + model with built-in reverb to add character and depth to its sound to make it original and harmonic.
This small and handy synthesiser is very intuitive and easy to use, and thanks to its controls you can easily recreate very original tones and sound effects.
Its compact design and its aluminium case give it a solid stability and durability to be transported wherever you go
Atari Punk 8 is a synthesizer with the sound of the classic ’80s consoles. It is composed of an 8-step sequencer adjustable in key, you can control the playback speed and the duration of the notes so you can quickly create very interesting sequences, plus its internal effect will allow you to reach sounds that only your fantasy can limit!
Drone Machine is an electronic musical instrument based on three oscillators with frequency range from 30 Hz with independent gain and individual off switch. It is perfect for creating deep sound environments and for music therapy.
i am very affectionate to this little synthesizer he was one of the first projects i developed to enrich my sound library and private collection. its characteristic sound that is inspired by the old Atari gaming consoles turn it into a powerful tool for music creation with little to envy the most modern and sophisticated synthesizers by creating complex tonal arpeggios thanks to its sequencer consisting of 4 steps with speed and global pitch control.